Gallery of Exceptional Artists


I have always believed that it is important for artists to work together in support of their individual and collective endeavors.  In keeping with that ideal I have decided to change the fundamental nature of my web site. Rather than having the principle content be about my work and my work alone I have decided to shift the emphasis to that of a corporative presentation of exceptional artists whose work I like, collect and believe should be given a wider audience.  I have maintained an extensive presentation of my own work in acrylic painting, water color painting and lithography under the heading, Don Eugene Seastrum Works, Gallery Affiliation and Artist’s Statement. In addition to that heading now each artist will have their own gallery displaying examples of their work along with their contact information. These galleries present the works without regard to media, thematic or stylistic considerations. To view the work and contact information simply click on the artist’s name in the header at the top of the page.