Works for Sale Directly from the Sutdio

All of the pieces present on this page are available for purchase directly from the Studio.  Each work is identified by media, unframed measurements and price.  All work is original there are no reproduction.  I do not allow reproductions of my painting to be produced.  If you are interested in discussing the purchase of one of these pieces please contact me directly by way of my studio email:  All prices are indicative of the last price paid by collectors.  I will never sell a work for less than that paid by the most recent transaction.  I do not and will not discount work under any circumstance, to do so would be to devalue the good faith investment of prior collectors. The prices do not include shipping costs.

Acrylic Paintings:

The First Birds of Spring

“The First Birds of Spring” Acrylic on Linen Canvas 48 X 52 inches unframed $15,000

“Things Left Behind” Acrylic on Linen Canvas 48 X 48 inches unframed $15,000













Watercolors are all 22×30 inches un-matted and unframed.  Price: $2500

No One Watching (Nessuno guardando)















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