Works for Sale Directly from the Studio: Lithographs

All of the pieces present here are hand pulled stone lithographs.  They are all limited edition prints.  Following the printing of the edition the image is removed (destroyed) from the stone and no other editions (prints) can be made using the same imagery. If you have any questions about the process of lithography please see a demonstration of the process on my web page.

The Night Before The Flood Edition of 14 $300

A Face at San Vitale, Ravenna, Italy Edition of 14 $300

I Will Dance at You Wedding Edition of 12 $300









Turning Toward the Tuscan Sun Edition of 14 $300

Triumphant Edition of 14 $300

AS Early Autumn Closes In Edition of 14 $300


Considering the Nature of Time in Place Edition of 14 $300

On the Edge of Nothing Edition of 14 $300

The Arno Dancing with Jupiter Edition of 12 $300

I Awoke One Night and Saw the Light of Venus Shining in my Window Edition of 14 $300

San Gimignano Laundry Edition of 12 $300

Virgil Awaits Dante Edition of 12 $300

Siena 3 a.m. Shadow and Light Edition of 12 $300

The Illusion of Security Edition of 14 $300



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