Our Goals, Our  Mission:

Artists should grow with the energy of new environments and new ideas.

This is the goal and ultimate mission of the Vita Institute for that Arts : to breathe life into the artist through small community workshops in places where the culture and history  stimulate the artist into visioning  new ideas, concepts and possibilities without restricting the experience by either a rigid format or a artificial grade structure.

Inspired by Don Eugene Seastrum, who has years of experience teaching in Florence and adapting his art from that  experience,  Vita Institute for the Arts has expanded from his initial concepts through discussions with his colleagues Phil Ward and Boris Shoshensky  to become a reality.  In a series of Summer 2011 meetings, Don, Phil and Boris hammered out a clear and  unique direction for the institute.

First, the  workshops presented by the Vita Institute for the Arts are for self-motivated artists (this is an all inclusive term and is not limited to visual artists) who appreciate  highly individualized programs of study as part of a small, yet dynamic learning community.

Second, the workshops should introduce participants to rich national and international artistic cultures and heritages, and how those traditions can be emulated and applied to contemporary two dimensional composition concepts providing possible directions for the future.

Third, participants are encouraged to investigate her or his own vision of the world while developing painting and photographic skills with purposeful inquiry and creative expression in locations both nationally and internationally.

Finally,  Don’s vision, now shared with his colleagues, sees the Vita Institute for the Artspromoting an educational format dedicated to the advancement of artist vision, personal interpretation and skill development in a supportive collaborative environment.

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