Artist’s Resume

Don Eugene Seastrum

Artist’s Resume


1136 Seneca Drive, Gunnison, Colorado 81230-8796

Studio Phone: 970.596.4230 (cell) 970.641.8599 (studio)


1948 Marshalltown, Iowa

 Education: Degrees Awarded

Ph.D. in Fine Arts: 1998: The Union Institute: Cincinnati, Ohio

Master of Liberal Studies Degree: 1992: University of Denver: Thesis in Fine Art Theory and Criticism. Denver, Colorado.

Graduate Studies in the Theories of Argumentation: 1991: University of Colorado at Denver: Denver, Colorado.

Bachelor of Arts Degree: 1974: Western State College of Colorado: Gunnison, Colorado. English Major: Minor in Art.


Works In Museum Collections:

New Britain Museum of American Art:

56 Lexington Street

New Britain, Connecticut

Siena Art Institute,

Via Tommaso Pendola 37,

Siena, Italy

Museo D’Arte Moderna E Contemporanea ( Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art)

Comune Di Cerreto Laziale, Italy


Collections Select Private Collectors

The Estate of Mr. Peter Ustinov: Switzerland     Mr. Harry Heil: Gunnison

Mr. Jack Livingston: Baltimore                           Ms. Kim Burrows: Durango

Dr. Kelly White: Fairbanks                                 Mr. Jim Wingo: Denver

Mr. Steven Oxenfield: St. Paul                           Ms. Judy Amarino: Denver

Mr. James Lasher: Plymouth                             Mr. Boris Shoshensky: Denver

Mr. Charles Sebaston: Chicago                          Ms. Mina Litinsky: Denver

Mr. Raymond Helmers: Chicago                         Mr. Jason Dean Zimmer: Savannah

Mr. Randall R. Sturgis: Seattle                            Mr. William Efrum: New York City

Ms. Sandra Arnold: Seatte                                  Mr. Ken Nelms: New York City

Ms. Caroline Prince: Los Angeles                       Ms. Ann Santarella: Gunnison

Ms. Gayle Taylor, Clovis, California                    Ms. Marlatte: Montrose

Mr. Rodolfo Cubeta, Rome, Italy                        Mr. Leonardo Albanese, Palermo, Italy

Mr. Nicolau Campos, Lisbon, Portugal               Mr. Salvatore Orza, Sarno, Italy


Web Sites Displaying My Work (my personal website) Eugene Seastrum

Exhibitions: Local and Regional

Black and White: September12, – October 17, 1975. Randi’s Art Gallery, Denver, Colorado: One of four featured artists in this exhibition of works done on paper in black and white mediums.

Two Views: June 9 – July 12, 1976. Two-man show at the Lincoln Community Center, Fort Collins, Colorado.

In Plane View: September 11 – September 29, 1976. Two-man show at The Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities, Arvada, Colorado.

Images in Light and Colour: October 4 – November 5, 1982. The Sloane Gallery of Art, Oxford Office Building, Denver, Colorado. This was the first exhibition ever held in which American artists exhibited with Russian non-conformist émigré artists.

Images in Light and Colour II: June 28 – July 22, 1984. The Sloane Gallery of Art, Oxford Office Building, Denver, Colorado.

23 Artists: September 14 – October 4, 1989. 1999 Broadway Gallery, Denver, Colorado.

Diverse Works, Distinguished Colorado Artists: May 12 – June 11, 1990. One West Contemporary Art Center, Fort Collins, Colorado.

English and American Artists: August 4 – September 3, 1992. Sean Gallery, London England and Sander-Crichton Gallery, 2134 3rd Avenue, Seattle, Washington.

Public Works: April 12 – March 15, 1996. Two-man show at the Denver Chamber of Commerce Office, Denver, Colorado.

Group Show: April 22 – May 14, 1996. Sangre de Cristo Arts Center, 210 North Santa Fe Avenue, Pueblo, Colorado.

Evergreen Pre-School Mural Project: (1997) Jefferson County School District: Jefferson County, Colorado. This was a site-specific mural, approximately forty feet in length and nine feet in height.

Mystery, Memories and Transformation: September 16 – October 5, 1997. Three-person show at Western State College of Colorado, Gunnison, Colorado.

Group Show: November 7 – December 3, 1998.Helen Karsh Gallery, 2774 South Lansing Way, Denver, Colorado.

Six Colorado Artists: June 21- July 15, 1998. Group Show at the Wray Museum, Wray, Colorado.

Works: February 5 – March 2, 2001. One Person Show: Quigley Art Gallery, Western State College of Colorado, Gunnison, Colorado.

The Gunnison Open: March 7 – April 21, 2001.Juried exhibition at the Gunnison Art Center. Gunnison, Colorado.

Contemporary Drawing 2003: May 27-July 27, 2003. T.W. Wood Gallery: Montpelier, Vermont.

Works From Tuscany 2004: October 9-25, 2004: Gunnison Art Center, Gunnison, Colorado

Regionalism: January 17th-February 17th, 2006. This exhibition featured works from artists living in the state of Colorado yet outside the Denver/Boulder/Front Range area. The work’s depict the artist’s individual style and medium, and serve as an introduction of themselves to the Colorado art community at large, bringing awareness and education to the UMC audience on what’s happening around the state. The show’s curator was the UMC Art Gallery exhibition committee who selected all of the work exhibited.

Collaborative Printmaking: February 22-March 1, 2006. Two Person Show of hand pulled lithographs: Quigley Hall Gallery: Western State College of Colorado, Gunnison, Colorado

People and Places In Time: July 1- July 31, 2006 Two Person exhibition at the Gunnison Gallery, Gunnison, Colorado.

Studies from Italy: September 1st-30th, 2007. A group exhibition of work done in Italy, May of 2007. Gunnison Gallery, Gunnison, Colorado.

Reflection of Italy: October 5th-30th, 2007. A group exhibition of work done in Italy, The Brick Cellar, Gunnison, Colorado.

Eclectica: September 22nd-October 11th, 2008. A group exhibition at the Gunnison Art Center, Gunnison, Colorado.

Visual Language: Alumni Exhibition: September 3rd-September 29th, 2008 One person exhibition of Acrylic Paintings, Watercolor Paintings, Hand Pulled Stone Lithographs and Photographs at Quigley Gallery, Western State College of Colorado.

Expression of Italy: July 10-August 28, 2009. One person exhibition of Acrylic and Watercolor paintings and Hand Pulled Stone Lithographs. Carr Gallery, Willard Arts Center, 450 A Street, Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Watercolor Show: Perspective: October 1- November 1st. 2015 Three person show at the Eliz Collection Fine Art Gallery. 975 Lincoln Street, Denver, Colorado.

The Mystery of Light in Time: One Person Exhibition, July 31-August 23, 2015. Eliz Collection Fine Art Gallery, 975 Lincoln Street, Denver, Colorado.

 Exhibitions: International

International Exhibition of Art Made in Quarantine: Arte Hecho en Cuarentena: Arte creata in Quarantena: 110 Artists. Opening May 4, 2020. Online exhibition at:

From Italy: May 11th-June 6th , 2009. A one person exhibition of Hand Pulled Stone Lithographs and Watercolors. Santa Reparata International School of Art, Via San Gallo 53/r Florence, Italy.

 “wALL:” November 24th- December 15th, 2010. SRISA Gallery of Contemporary Art, 56r Via San Gallo, Florence, Italy. I was one of one hundred local, national and international artists asked to participate in this installation by sending a short written description of a personal work of art or project.  The student artists at Santa Reparata, along with Rebecca Olsen (author of the project), and other SRISA faculty installed the exhibition by taking these written statements about singular works and transferring the text by hand onto the walls of the gallery. “wALL” is a project that speaks to creative process, and to the possibilities that technology now affords the artistic community. The gallery, typically a place we go to see works by specific artists or collective exhibitions relating to one or more ideas, becomes an open forum for all creative ideas.

Drawing Connections: International drawing exhibition at the Siena Art Institute, Via Tommaso Pendola 37, Siena, Italy. September, 2011.

 Art Festivale Cerreto Laziale: Prima Edizione: Museo D’Arte Moderna E Contemporanea: Cerrto Laziale, Italy. I was invited to exhibit my works at the opening of this new museum of modern and contemporary art just outside of Rome. Of the forty-eight artist asked to participate I am the only artist from the United States. My painting “When I Was Young” was selected for the exhibition catalogue cover. The painting was also selected for retention in the Museum’s permanent collection.

 Human Rights?: Diversity, international juried exhibition, May 21 – September 21, 2016 sponsored by the Fondazione Opera Campans dei Caduti-Rovereto-Trento, in partnership with the Italian Commission for UNESCO, Provincia Autonoms dei Trento, Comund di Rovereto.

International Exhibition of Art made in Quarantine; Arte Hecho en Cuarentena; Arte Creata in Quarantena: 110 Artists. Online: Madrid, Spain.


Seastrum, Don, Aisthetikos Arti: A Unified Field Theory of Art, (Ann Arbor, Michigan

UMI, 1998)

Art Gallery Lecturer

The Nature of Visual Vocabulary In The Fine Arts.

Dialogues in Color Concepts and Application.

The Development of Painting and Sculpture from the Romantic Period to Present Concepts.

Painting in the Age of Digital Images

Ceci n’est pas une pipe: Why Painting is not illusion


Academic Teaching Experience:

Emeritus Profess of of Art: Western State Colorado University, May 2017

Institute for Doctorial Studies In the Visual Arts: 2014 to Present. Independent Study Director.

Western State Colorado University: Promotion to Full Professor, July 2008

Santa Reparata International School of Art; Florence, Italy Visiting Instructors, Summer 2004/2007/2009/2014:

Western State Colorado University: 1999-Present: Tenure awarded and Promotion to Associate Professor of Art, July 2005

Regis University: 1999-2000, Adjunct Faculty member, School of Professional Studies. Denver, Colorado.

Vermont College/Union Institute & University: 1998-present, Artist-Teacher, M.F.A. in Visual Arts Program. Montpelier Vermont.

Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design: 1982-1999, Faculty member in the Foundations, Painting/Drawing and Liberal Studies Departments. Denver, Colorado.

Arapahoe Community College: 1980-1982, Adjunct Fine Arts Faculty.

Littleton, Colorado.

The Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities: 1975-1980, Developed curriculum for, and taught in, the Center’s original Arts Education Program. Arvada, Colorado.

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