Watercolor Process

My process of watercolor painting begins by drawing out the basic shapes and there location on the compositional surface. I use 300lb. watercolor paper. When identify the “pounds” of watercolor paper the larger the number the “stiffer” and or thicker the paper.  300 lb. watercolor paper is a heavy duty paper that can absorb a great deal of water without wrinkling.   I prefer to use 100% cotton acid free Saunders Waterford series paper.





Once the line drawing is completed I usually begin by adding a colored wash to the area defined as the “sky.”





Because the line drawing is done with graphite, which can smear on the paper I work from the right of the composition toward the left.

fourSince this is a composition that describes both solid structures and their implied reflections I paint both areas at the same time.  The area that will be descriptive of the
“reflection” is painted using a slightly higher key (lighter) application of the of color.


As the painting progresses the same technique is applied working from right to left painting both the areas of solid structures and areas of “reflection.”















Once the entire painting of the described solid objects and implied “reflections” has fourteenbeen completed thirteenthe final step is to add a light, or in this instance a dark (low key) wash on top of the area referencing the river to distinguish the areas of “reflection” form the areas describing the sold structures.


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