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New Directions:

During my journey to Florence, Italy in 2016  I became very interested in the concept of the narrative in works of art. Since that time I have been developing a series of paintings investigating the nature of the narrative, in particular, the aspect of the poetic narrative as applied to painted forms and compositions.

It may be the time of year; it might be the time of life. Whatever the catalyst I am beginning a new series of works based on the narratives of the mysterious, the impossible, the blue rose. These will not be literal documentations but rather narratives of lives that intersected, if even for the briefest of moments and are than separated by time or circumstance.

These new pieces will also be about allowing yourself to be open to the possibilities that are always around us. To abandon fear, cynicism and embrace the wonderful.




Group of Contemporary Narrative Artists

May 2016

I am very pleased to announce that a painting of mine, entitled “Seeking Color in the Gathering Gray” was selected for inclusion in the international juried exhibition, “Human Rights: Diversity,” to be held at the FONDAZIONE OPERA CAMPANA DEI CADUTI | ROVERETO | Trento | ITALY from 21th, May 2016 | World Day for Cultural Diversity- UNESCO until 21th, September 2016 | International Day of Peace – ONU in partnership with the Italian Commission for UNESCO, Provincia Autonoma di Trento, Comune di Rovereto.


Flyer 21x99 mm f_r















































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